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January 10, 2007


becky wa

its a cool blog but it can be hard to predict the weather.


i think that the blog tells you everything about the weather and the weather today in newport.i will carry on looking at this website because if i need the the weather for a certian day i would just go on the website and find out because it is much more simple than the other weater forcast websites, also i like the photos that you have taken!


very good website


I belive that the web page is quite intresting and good for homework and research!I think you could inprove it by buting weather games.


I think it is good and it can be intresting to look at but to improve it i think that you could put more lables on the maps.


i think that this blod on the webiste is quite good and is very helpful to the school when studying climate and weather. It is also good for homework at home.It is also good because it show what some symbols mean. it is very good.


I know what the lines on the graph mean now so i can understand the weather more than i did.


ThIs PaRt Of ThE bLoG iS rEaLlY hElPfUl!


I think that this blog is very usefull to us at school. I can understand it and it is very goodi think it can help me and my freind and the whole school.


i think that it is really good i understand it alot as i am in the met club so it is really easy for me and i could predict the weather quit easy so it is really good i hope it goes well and you get more people visiting your brilliant site

Annabel p

i think you could make the site more appelling to younger children by adding more kiddish pictures and amimations. apart from that the site is very good and it will become very helpful when wanting to know the weather also for younger children you got have a special page in younger text so years below can understand the weather better.

matthew egan

i thought this blog was very helpful on learning what the lines mean.


I think that this part of the blog is very interesting but maybe a bit hard ,what is the purple line? Apart from that i think it's really good for learning especially if you want to be a weather man lol


Very good Mr Peace now all people have to do is log on to the nodehill website and then go on to the weather blog

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